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Welcome To Sleep My Little Bub, Family Sleep Consultants
We are sleep consultants based in Melbourne who support young families with babies sleep & children up to six years of age. We support young families with a range of concerns and uncertainties they may be experiencing with their parenting journey.

  • How do I develop a feed play sleep pattern with my baby?
  • Baby settling techniques that I can sustain?
  • Wrapping my baby when do I cease this?
  • How do I wean my baby off the breast?
  • Breast feeding or bottle feeding difficulties!
  • Why is my baby always crying?
  • Dummy dependency
  • When is there the right time to introduce solids?
  • Has my baby eaten enough?
  • Is co-sleeping safe? How do I get my baby to sleep other ways?
  • Toddler tantrums
  • Toilet training my toddler
  • Age appropriate activities for my preschooler
  • How do I know if I have postnatal depression?
  • What support services are there in our community for postnatal support? Do I contact my maternal health nurse or GP?
  • I don't like my mothers group what other support groups can I attend?
  • Sleep schools have long waiting list, don't they?
These are all relevant questions that young families are experiencing.
You are not alone Sleep My Little Bub can support you.