Natalie Hall is an experienced sleep consultant and educator with extensive Sleep School experience and Circle of Security, Mothercraft Nursing and Early Parenting qualifications.

Nat offers friendly and professional workshops for parents and health professionals in a range of settings.

2 hour workshops can be held in your home or in a public setting ie childcare centre or community facility. Workshops cover:

  • Infants to 12 months, ages and stages educational session
  • Feed, Play and Sleep pattern
  • Getting to know your child and learning to read their cues.
  • Encouraging positive behaviour
  • Incorporating Circle of Security in your daily life
  • Why is play so important
  • What are realistic expectations?
  • Why make promises that you can keep?
  • Getting down to your child’s level and seeing the world through their eyes.
  • Family meal times in a peaceful manner.
  • Family Food DVD
  • Non-judgemental QnA session
  • Toddler or pre-schooler’s sleep and behaviour strategies
  • Connecting with your child at their stage of development
  • Coping with stress and looking after your well-being
  • Resources for workshop participants