“An in depth phone call with Natalie, at first, put me at ease, and I was comforted in the knowledge I was not alone, and that Natalie could help me teach my daughter to sleep through the night, within a week.”

–  Jacqueline, Mum of 18 months old Jessica

Mia no longer requires bottles over night and only has her dummy in her cot. Now she has more of an appetite and is happy and content during her play.

–  May, Mum of 18 months old Mia

Luke and Charlotte our two older children are now sleeping from 7pm to 6.30am/7am and if either wake during the night we have the confidence and strategies to get them back to sleep quickly and without the drama we had before.

–  Megan, Mum of Luke (5 years old), Charlotte (2.5 year old) and Jack (4 months old)